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We encourage everyone who is a part of Compass Bible Church to join a LifeGroup!

Church is not just a weekend gathering where you worship and study God’s word. As important as weekend gatherings are, the Christian community is much more robust than a once a week event. That is why we urge every soul who calls Compass home to not only attend our weekend gatherings, but to also engage in our weekly LifeGroups. A LifeGroup is simply a small group of Christians who call Compass home, that do LIFE together as a GROUP. We have LifeGroups that meet all over New Braunfels. Take time now to sign up for a LifeGroup that meets near you!



LifeGroups consist of groups from 10-20 people who meet together in a home or on campus during the week to study God’s word through application questions from the previous weekends message. LifeGroups are also the group of people who you will grow closest to at Compass. Your LifeGroup will be the people you celebrate lifes’ biggest blessings with, as well as the people you will depend on during the most difficult times.

Expect to hear from your LifeGroup leader on a regular basis. Your LifeGroup leader will be your biggest supporter and encourager.

Expect to be welcomed into your group with a host of smiling people who desire to build a compelling community of disciples.

Expect to learn about God through deep meaning discussions that will help you live a life that pleases God.

Expect to hear from those in your group throughout the week as they reach out to pray for you and see how you are doing.

Expect to encounter a community of people who will quickly become family.

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