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Partners Discipleship Program

You’ll discover a community of real people, authentic leaders & meaningful relationships

Partners at a Glance

  • A one-on-one discipleship program written by Pastor Mike Fabarez, Senior Pastor, Compass Bible Church Aliso Viejo
  • A Spiritual growth program designed for new or longtime believers who are serious about maturing in their faith.
  • A program which overviews the fundamental issues of the Christian faith.
  • Designed to help you learn how to live an effective, pleasing Christian life.
  • A ten chapter program which can be completed in 14 weeks.
  • A program which prepares you to teach what you have been taught.
  • Life changing!

Workbook Overview

10 Important Aspects of the Christian Life

  1. Being Sure About Your Relationship With God
  2. Deepening Your Knowledge of God
  3. Learning to Study the Bible On Your Own
  4. Developing an Effective Prayer Life
  5. Living a Life that is Led by the Holy Spirit
  6. The Importance of a Good Local Church
  7. Being Intentional about Biblical Fellowship
  8. Getting Actively Involved in Serving Your Church
  9. Sharing the Gospel with People Who Need It
  10. Striving to be Holy in an Unholy World

The Partners Program exists to:

  • Help people enhance their walk with Jesus by learning how to live an effective and pleasing Christian life, and to put into practice what they are learning.
  • Build relationships.
  • Prepare each person to take another person through.
  • Make disciples of Jesus Christ.



When you are ready to start Partners, please sign up so that we can match you up with someone who has already gone through the program. Or, if you already have a Partner lined up to take you through, sign up so we can add you to any Partners events and track your progress through the program.



If you have already signed up for the program and are ready to purchase a Partners Manual, you can order it online via the Compass Bookstore and then pick up the manual during the week (Tuesdays-Fridays, 9am-5pm) or on Sundays.



With this version of Partners, you get full access to all the online Partners manual content from any computer just by logging into your account. All corresponding verses for each chapter are laid out in a separate pane for easy reference. And an English Standard Version (ESV) Bible is built right into the site to conveniently look up verses as well.

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